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Our Work
Technovation is a global tech-education nonprofit aimed at addressing the gender-gap in STEM. Technovation operates a global competition in which teams of girls, ages 8 to 18, work with volunteer mentors to use technology to solve a problem in their community connected to the UN sustainable development goals. In addition to our work with girls, Technovation is creating a continuum of support for alumnae (18+) to help them build their skills and networks as they pursue degrees and careers in STEM and entrepreneurship. Through providing our alumnae a supportive community along with professional development and networking opportunities, we aim to increase their social capital, career opportunities and pay, as well as contribute to developing a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce.

Our Impact
In 2022, globally girls gained skills in coding, entrepreneurship and problem-solving, among others:

  • Coding: 85% of girls reported increased confidence in coding and programming after participating in Technovation.
  • Entrepreneurship: 83% of girls reported increased confidence in building and managing a business after participating in Technovation.
  • Problem-Solving: 83% of girls reported increased problem-solving skills after participating in Technovation.

In 2020, Technovation contracted a third-party evaluator to assess our long-term impact. The results of that evaluation showed that 76% of Technovation alumnae pursue STEM degrees and 60% of Technovation alumnae work in STEM-related careers, more than double the percentage of US women working in STEM (27%). For additional insights into Technovation’s impact, view our 2022 Annual Impact Report.

Our Future Vision
In the last 17 years, we’ve engaged 400,000 students, mentors, volunteers, and educators and built a girls’ technology education program that is adaptable, scaleable, and has a lasting impact. In building that program we’ve built a global network of support for girls and women in tech. Now we’re planning for the next 15 years, and we’re ready to do more and dream bigger. Technovation is committing to rapidly equip 25 million girls with tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills by 2037. Learn more about our plan.